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Hyperbaric Therapy, Know All the Benefits and Side Effects Here

Hyperbaric therapy is a treatment method that is carried out by breathing pure oxygen in a high-pressure air chamber. There are various benefits that can be obtained from hyperbaric therapy. Even so, this therapy also has side effects. In principle, when hyperbaric therapy is carried out, the room to be used has air pressure up to three times higher than normal air pressure. With the condition of the room, it is expected that the flow of oxygen that enters the body will be more. The purpose of this therapy is to improve the body's ability and white blood cells to fight infection, reduce swelling, and stimulate the wound healing process. In Indonesia, hyperbaric therapy is available in several large hospitals. Various Benefits of Hyperbaric Therapy Hyperbaric therapy is generally used to treat decompression ailments that are usually experienced by underwater divers. But lately, hyperbaric therapy is also often used as an additional treatment to overcome various diseases. Here
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Is it safe to position the baby to sleep on the side

Long sleep time makes babies tend to sleep in various positions, one of which is the tilted position. However, did you know that the baby's sleeping position on his side was not good? To find out more about the reasons, let's look at the discussion of sleep time in these babies often change their sleeping position, starting from the back, stomach, until tilted. in the following article. Babies will spend most of their time sleeping. Infants aged 4-7 months, even need 12-14 hours of sleep a day. The length of time he slept in the baby often caused him to change his sleeping position, from lying on his back, on his stomach, to tilting. Is the baby safe to sleep on side? A study states that there is a relationship between the baby's sleeping position with the risk of infant death in bed. The position of the baby sleeping on his side or on his stomach is a position that is not recommended. Sleeping babies on their side often end up sleeping on their stomach, so babies ar

Differentiating Vomiting in Normal and Abnormal Babies

Every baby must have experienced vomiting. Some experience it occasionally and some vomit at mealtime. As a parent, you do not need to panic when your child vomits. Even so you have to stay alert if this condition occurs. Vomiting in infants can be classified as a normal reaction, but this can also be a sign that your baby is experiencing a serious condition. Normal vomiting Vomiting is a common thing experienced by babies, especially when he was still a few weeks old. At that age, babies are trying to adjust to food. This type of vomiting is often called spit up. Usually the little one will spit up after drinking milk. After the Little swallow milk, milk will then pass through the back of the mouth, then down into the esophagus, and forwarded to the stomach. Between the esophagus and stomach, there is a muscular ring. This ring becomes the entrance of milk to the stomach. After milk enters the stomach, the ring closes. However, if this ring does not close completely, milk can